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★ Chef's recommendation ★ Special course 12 items 6800 yen!

6800 yen

tax included

  • 12items
  • 224persons
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A special course is offered that allows you to enjoy a special meal that is perfect for a special evening! In addition to the seven luxuries of the finest beef tangerue steak and Kuroge Wagyu beef, you can enjoy shrimp and grilled vegetables.

Course menu

1. Assorted Kimuchi

2. Assorted Namul

3. Special salad

4. Superb beef tanger steak

5. Assorted domestic pork varieties

6. Sanche set (with seasoning)

7. Luxury seven kinds of Kuroge Wagyu beef (with truffle salt)

8. Assorted colored vegetables

9. Juicy Harassment Steak

10. Prepreated shrimp

11. Kuroge Wagyu Beef Grilled Chicken

12. Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice

2018/09/18 update